Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT US )

Advanced Battery Technologies (ABAT) made rechargeable lithium batteries for electronic vehicles. It went public in July 2004 through a reverse merger. In March 2011, an anonymous blogger, using the name Variant View Research, posted a report[1] on Seeking Alpha which listed 12 reasons to short ABAT. Among the allegations were claims that distribution relationships were fake, margins were unrealistic for commodity products, rising revenues despite falling headcount, fake acquisitions, obscure auditors, etc. In a subsequent report[2] just two months later, fund manager Kerrisdale Capital published similar findings. ABAT was delisted in December 2015. Further details can be found in the Rosen Law Firm’s Class Action[3].


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[3] Rosen Law Firm Class Action, Apr 2011

Advanced Battery Technologies: Annual Report 2010

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