China Milk Products (CMILK SP)

China Milk Products Group Limited supplies raw milk, pedigree bull semen, and pedigree dairy cow embryos for embryo transfer.

Provisional liquidators were appointed after China Milk Products failed to pay off a $150m bond issue. The special investigation by KPMG into China Milk Products, suggested the funds from the company had been misappropriated by management using a series of transactions including an investment in a joint venture (US$21m+), securing land use rights (US$73m), improvement works (US$73m) and the replacement of cattle (US$37m). The company was found to be completely insolvent and was delisted in 2016.

Official Liquidator: Termination of the Settlement Arrangement, 25 Jun 2013

Delisting of the Company from the SGX-ST, 12 May 2016

China Milk Products: Annual Report 2009

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