Ever-Glory International Group (EVK US)

Ever-Glory International Group Apparel Inc. operates as an apparel company in China. It focuses on casual wear, sportswear, jeans, outerwear, and down jackets.

The company received a warning letter from the NYSE Regulation as a result of its failure to (i) obtain shareholder approval for issuance of 75,485 shares of the Company’s common stock as compensation to five non-employee directors  and (ii) timely file an application with the Exchange for listing of and obtain the Exchange’s approval for the listing of these Compensation Shares.

Ever-Glory International: 2014 Annual Report, 31 Mar 2015

PR Newswire: Ever-Glory Received A Warning Letter from NYSE Regulations Regarding Failure To Obtain Shareholders Approval On Issuance of Certain Compensation Shares, 21 Feb 2014

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