JES International Holdings Limited (JES SP)

Hall of Shame

NameTickerIndustry nameYear
Hua Han Health 587 HKPharmaceuticals2016
Hanergy 566 HKRenewable Energy Equipment2015
China Fishery CFG SPFarming, Fishing & Plantations2015
China Fiber Optic3777 HKElectrical Components & Equipment2015
Tianhe Chemicals 1619 HKSpecialty Chemicals2014
Fujian Nuoqi 1353 HKClothing & Accessories2014
Longwei Petroleum Investment LPIH USExploration & Production2013
Chaoda Modern 682 HKFarming, Fishing & Plantations2011
China Lumena New Materials67 HKCommodity Chemicals2014
China Metal Recycling 773 HKWaste & Disposal Services2013
Wowjoint Holdin BWOWF USCommercial Vehicles & Trucks2013
Sino-Forest Corp TRE CNForestry2011
Longtop Financial Technologies LFT USComputer Services2011
Boshiwa 1698 HKClothing & Accessories2011
Duoyuan Global WaterDGW USIndustrial Machinery2011
Global Dairy Holdings1007 HKFood Products2012
China Valves TechnologyCVVT USIndustrial Machinery2011
Advanced Battery TechnologiesABAT USElectrical Components & Equipment2011
China Integrated EnergyCBEH USSpecialty Retailers2011
Keyuan Petrochemicals KEYP USCommodity Chemicals2011
China North East Petroleum HoldingsCNEP USAlternative Electricity2010
Universal TravelUTA USTravel & Tourism2011
GC China TurbineGCHT USRenewable Energy Equipment2012
China Education AllianceCEU USSpecialized Consumer Services2010
Zungui Haixi CorpZUN/H CNApparel Retailers2011
ZST Digital NetworksZSTN USTelecommunications Equipment2009
Hongwei Technologies HONG SPClothing & Accessories2011
RINO InternationalRINO USWaste & Disposal Services2010
A-Power Energy Generation SystemsAPWR USHeavy Construction2011
ShengdaTech SDTH USSpecialty Chemicals2011
China Milk ProductsCMILK SPFarming, Fishing & Plantations2010
China Gaoxian Fibre Fabric HoldingsCGXF SPClothing & Accessories2011
SinoTech Energy CTE USOil Equipment & Services2011
China Agritech CAGC USSpecialty Chemicals2011
Wonder Auto TechnologyWATG USAuto Parts2010
China-Biotics CHBT USFood Products2010
China Natural GasCHNG USGas Distribution2010
China Sky One MedicalCSKI USPharmaceuticals2009
Duoyuan PrintingDYP USIndustrial Machinery2010
China Organic Agriculture CNOA USFarming, Fishing & Plantations2009, 10??
Yuhe InternationalYUII USFarming, Fishing & Plantations2009
China Electric MotorCELM USElectrical Components & Equipment2011
NIVS IntelliMedia Technology GroupNIV USConsumer Electronics2011
Jiangbo PharmaceuticalsJGBO USPharmaceuticals2011
China Medicine CHME USPharmaceuticals2007
China Century Dragon MediaCDM USMedia Agencies2011
China Intelligent Lighting & ElectronicsCILE USDurable Household Products2011
China Hongxing SportsCHHS SPFootwear2010
Fuji Food and Catering1175 HKRestaurants & Bars2009
China Forestry 930 HKForestry2011
China Medical Technologies CMEDQ USMedical Equipment2011
Peacemark 304 HKClothing & Accessories2008
EganaGoldPfeil Holdings1051682D HKApparel Retailers2007
Uni-Bio Science Group690 HKBiotechnologyna
Moulin Global Eyecare389 HKDistillers & Vintners2005
Fuqi InternationalFUQI USClothing & Accessories2010
Celestial NutrifoodsCENU SPFood Products2009
AgFeed IndustriesFEED USFarming, Fishing & Plantations2013
China Sky Chemical FibreCSCF SPClothing & Accessories2011
China Sun Bio-Chem Technology GroupCSBT SPSpecialty Chemicals2007
HQ Sustainable Maritime IndustriesHQSM USFarming, Fishing & Plantations2011
Sino Techfibre SINOT SPClothing & Accessories2011
Tungda Innovative Lighting8229 HKComputer Services2003
Pan Sino International 502 HKFood Products2006
Qiao Xing Mobile Communications QXMCF USTelecommunications Equipment2012
Qiao Xing Universal ResourcesXINGF USTelecommunications Equipment2011
FerroChina FRC SPIron & Steel2008
Beauty China BCH SPPersonal Products2009
Oriental CenturyORIC SPSpecialized Consumer Services2009
Tongxin InternationalTXIC USAuto Parts2008, 10
China Printing & DyeingCPD SPClothing & Accessories2008
China Expert TechnologyCXTI USComputer Services2007
China Energy Savings Technology CESV USElectrical Components & Equipment2005
ZhongHui HoldingsZHL SPWaste & Disposal Services2007, 08
Sino-Environment Technology SINE SPWaste & Disposal Services2009
Fuwei Films HoldingsFFHL USSpecialty Chemicals2007, 11, 13, 14
China Infrastructure Investment CorpCIIC USHeavy Construction2010, 2011
Darco Water TechnologiesDWT SPIndustrial Machinery2009, 10, 15
Bodisen Biotech BBCZ USSpecialty Chemicals2006, 07
Powder River Petroleum International PWDR USExploration & Production2007
HendrxHDRX USIndustrial Machinery2006???
Jade ArtJADA USSpecialty Retailers
AlphaTradeAPTD USMedia Agencies
KXD Digital EntertainmentKXD SPConsumer Electronics2004, 07, 08, 09
Zhongguo Jilong ZJL SPFood Products2005, 06, 07
Daka Designs DAKA SPConsumer Electronics2004, 05
Citiraya IndustriesCENR SPWaste & Disposal Services2013, 06, 07
Euro-Asia EUROAQ HKFarming, Fishing & Plantations2002
Sihuan Pharm460 HKPharmaceuticals2014
China MinzhongK2N SPFood Products2013
Puda CoalPUDA USCoal2011
Sino Clean EnergySCEI USCoal2011
Deer Consumer ProductsDEER USDurable Household Products2011
Lihua InternationalLIWA USElectrical Components & Equipment2011
Origin Agritech Ltd SEED USFarming, Fishing & Plantations2009
Orient Paper ONP USPaper2010
China Green Agriculture CGA USSpecialty Chemicals2010
China New Borun Corp BORN USDistillers & Vintners2010
CninsureCISG USFull Line Insurance2010
Telestone Technologies Corp TSTC USTelecommunications Equipment2011
Electronic Game CardEGMI USGambling2010
Autochina International AUTC USSpecialty Retailers2011
China ShenZhou Mining& Resources SHZ USGeneral Mining2011
Gulf Resources GFRE USSpecialty Chemicals2011
Sky-Mobi Ltd MOBI USSoftware2011
Harbin Electric HRBN USElectrical Components & Equipment2011
L & L Energy LLEN USCoal2011
Sina Corp SINA USInternet2011
Camelot Information Systems CIS USSoftware2011
Zhongpin HOGS USFood Products2011
Sinocoking Coal & Coke Chemical IndustriesSCOK USCoal2011
Qihoo 360 Technolgy Co QIHU USInternet2011
New Oriental Education & Tech EDU USSpecialized Consumer Services2011
Focus Media Holding FMCN USMedia Agencies2011
Fushi Copperweld FSIN USElectrical Components & Equipment2012
Hontex International946 HKClothing & Accessories2010
China MediaExpressCME USInvestment Services2011
Fibrechem Technologies FBCM SPCommodity Chemicals2009
Sinopipe HoldingsSPIP SPBuilding Materials & Fixtures
Boer Power1685 HKElectrical Components & Equipment
Fung Choi Media GroupFUNG SPBusiness Support Services
Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co. LtdFZPI SPBuilding Materials & Fixtures
JES International HoldingsJES SPCommercial Vehicles & Trucks
Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings CJFH SPSpecialty Chemicals
DMX Technologies GroupDMX SPComputer Services
Anwell TechnologiesANW SPElectronic Equipment
Sunmart HoldingsSUNM SPContainers & Packaging
China PaperCPAP SPPaper
China Hongqiao1378 HKAluminum
Huishan Dairy6863 HKFood Products
National United Resources 254 HKMedia Agencies
Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool300 HKIndustrial Machinery
National Agricultural1236 HKSoftware
Real Gold Mining 246 HKGold Mining
Sijia Group1863 HKClothing & Accessories
Mingfa Group 846 HKReal Estate Holding & Development
Trony Solar 2468 HKRenewable Energy Equipment
Dynasty Fine Wines 828 HKDistillers & Vintners
Mingyuan Medicare 233 HKBiotechnology
PanAsialum Holdings 2078 HKElectrical Components & Equipment
China Taifeng Beddings 873 HKClothing & Accessories
Sound Global 967 HKWaste & Disposal Services
SCUD Group 1399 HKTelecommunications Equipment
Ballard BullBLDP USAlternative Fuels2017????
China Animal Healthcare 940 HKPharmaceuticals
TAL EducationTAL USSpecialized Consumer Services
ChinaCast Education CorpCAST USSpecialized Consumer Services
UltrasonicUS5 GRFootwear
Ming le sportsML2 GRClothing & Accessories
JoyouJY8 GRBuilding Materials & Fixtures
YoubishengYB1 GRPaper
TintbrightTBR GRClothing & Accessories
VanCamelVC8 GRApparel Retailers
FastFCA GRApparel Retailers
GoldroosterG08 GRBusiness Support Services
HaikuiH8K GRFarming, Fishing & Plantations
Powerland1PL GRClothing & Accessories
China Speciality Glass8GS GRBuilding Materials & Fixtures
Guangzhao Industrial Forest BiotechnologyGIFB SPForestry2009
Bio-Treat Technology BIOT SPWater2008
NetEase NTES USInternet
Weiqiao Textile2698 HKClothing & Accessories
China Nickel Resources 2889 HKNonferrous Metals
China Nonferrous Metals 8306 HKNonferrous Metals
Greens Holdings 1318 HKBuilding Materials & Fixtures
Pacific Andes 1174 HKFarming, Fishing & Plantations
Changgang Dunxin 2229 HKPaper
Up Energy Development 307 HKBusiness Support Services
CECEP COSTIN 2228 HKCommodity Chemicals
Fuguiniao 1819 HKFootwear
Asian Citrus 73 HKFarming, Fishing & Plantations
Natural Dairy462 HKBusiness Support Services
Qunxing Paper 3868 HKPaper
Bel Global Resources 761 HKClothing & Accessories
Zhongda International 909 HKIndustrial Machinery
Mayer Holdings 1116 HKIron & Steel
DBA Telecommunication 3335 HKTelecommunications Equipment
China Solar Energy 155 HKRenewable Energy Equipment
Flyke International 1998 HKClothing & Accessories
Golden Shield Holdings 2123 HKIndustrial Suppliers
Pearl River Tyre 1187 HKTires
Dejin Resources 1163 HKDurable Household Products
Z-Obee Holdings 948 HKTelecommunications Equipment
China Agrotech 1073 HKSpecialty Chemicals
Superb Summit 1228 HKDurable Household Products
Anxin-China 1149 HKPharmaceuticals
Delong HoldingsDLNG SPIndustrial Machinery2009??
China INSOnlineCHIO USAlternative Fuels
Xinhua SportsXSEL USPublishing
SubayeSBAY USSoftware
China Ritar PowerCRTP USElectrical Components & Equipment
American LorainALN USFood Products
Aoxing PharmaceuticalAXN USPharmaceuticals
China Armco MetalsCNAM USGeneral Mining
China Auto LogisticsCALI USSpecialty Retailers
China Automotive SystemsCAAS USAuto Parts
China BAK BatteryCBAK USElectrical Components & Equipment
China Biologic ProductsCBPO USBiotechnology
China Botanic PharmaceuticalCBP USPharmaceuticals
China Cablecom HoldingsCABL USBroadcasting & Entertainment
China CeramicsCCCL USBuilding Materials & Fixtures
China Fire & Security GroupCFSG USIndustrial Machinery
China GengSheng MineralsCHGS USSpecialty Chemicals
China HGS Real EstateHGSH USReal Estate Holding & Development
China Housing & Land DevelopmentCHLN USReal Estate Holding & Development
China Information TechnologyCNIT USComputer Services
China Jo-Jo DrugstoresCJJD USDrug Retailers
China Marine Food GroupCMFO USFarming, Fishing & Plantations
China Nutrifruit GroupCNGL USFood Products
China Pharma HoldingsCPHI USPharmaceuticals
China Recycling EnergyCREG USRenewable Energy Equipment
China Shengda Packaging GroupCPGI USContainers & Packaging
China Shenghuo Pharmaceutical HoldingsKUN USPharmaceuticals
China TransInfo TechnologyCTFO USComputer Services
China XD PlasticsCXDC USAuto Parts
China Yida HoldingsCNYD USMedia Agencies
ChinaNet Online HoldingsCNET USMedia Agencies
Cleantech Solutions InternationalCLNT USIndustrial Machinery
Cogo GroupCOGO USSemiconductors
Ever-Glory International GroupEVK USClothing & Accessories
Feihe InternationalADY USFood Products
General Steel HoldingsGSI USIron & Steel
Guanwei RecyclingGPRC USCommodity Chemicals
Highpower InternationalHPJ USElectrical Components & Equipment
Hollysys Automation TechnologiesHOLI USElectronic Equipment
Jingwei InternationalJNGW USSoftware
Kandi TechnologiesKNDI USRecreational Products
Kingold JewelryKGJI USClothing & Accessories
New Energy Systems GroupNEWN USElectrical Components & Equipment
NF Energy SavingNFEC USIndustrial Machinery
Orsus Xelent TechnologiesORS USTelecommunications Equipment
QKL StoresQKLS USFood Retailers & Wholesalers
Shengkai InnovationsVALV USIndustrial Machinery
Shiner InternationalBEST USContainers & Packaging
SinohubSIHI USElectrical Components & Equipment
Sinovac BiotechSVA USPharmaceuticals
SkyPeople Fruit JuiceSPU USSoft Drinks
Skystar Bio-PharmaceuticalSKBI USPharmaceuticals
SmartHeatHEAT USRenewable Energy Equipment
SORL Auto PartsSORL USAuto Parts
Sutor Technology GroupSUTR USIron & Steel
THT Heat Transfer TechnologyTHTI USIndustrial Machinery
Tianyin PharmaceuticalTPI USPharmaceuticals
Tiens Biotech GroupTBV USFood Products
Winner Medical GroupWWIN USBusiness Support Services
Wuhan General Group ChinaWUHN USIndustrial Machinery
Yongye InternationalYONG USFood Products
Yucheng TechnologiesYTEC USComputer Services
Zoom TechnologiesZOOM USTelecommunications Equipment
China SportsCSPORT SPFootwear
Eratat LifestyleERAT SPFootwear
Naibu GlobalNBU LNFootwear
Asia Pulp and Paper Company1193Z SPPaper
Dick SmithDSH AUSpeciality Retail2016
Source: Shortsellers' websites, Bloomberg, Companies, GMT Research
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