Uni-Bio (690 HK)

Uni-Bio is a pharmaceuticals company which was listed in Hong Kong in 2001.

In Apr 2010, Michael Liang, the controlling shareholder of Uni-Bio, was charged for conspiring with others to defraud shareholders of the company. It was alleged that he concealed the fact that he was the owner of three Chinese companies Uni-bio have acquired, and falsified accounting documents to inflate the value of the acquisitions. He was later acquitted the shares were suspended for 3 years from early 2010.

Webb-site: Cosmetic appearances, 25 May 2010

ICAC: Businessman charged for alleged $1.29b fraud over sale of Mainland companies to listed Uni-Bio , 14 Apr 2010

Uni-Bio Science: Annual Report 2008Annual Report 2010

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