Winner Medical Group (WMDG US)

Winner Medical Group, Inc. researches, develops, and manufactures medical dressings and disposables.  The Company’s products include surgical dressings, dressing packs, wound care dressings, protective products, medical instruments, dental products, hygiene products, and home care products.  Winner manufactures its products in China.

The company was listed on NASDAQ in Apr 2010, raising $8.8m in capital. It went private in Dec 2012.

In 2018, the company’s application for an IPO in China was rejected, after CSRC pointed out alleged inadequacy in internal control, and that the company had been fined by numerous government agencies, including the environmental, food and drugs, customs, social security, taxation and quality control authorities.

Winner Medical: Sep 2010 Annual Report, 8 Dec 2010

PR Newswire: Winner Medical Announces Closing of Going Private Transaction, 12 Dec 2012

投行小兵:【IPO否决案例分析131】稳健医疗用品:4亿元净利润被否?我们用细节说话!, 28 Aug 2018

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