Hall of Shame

Health Care

Hua Han Health (587 HK)

Year: 2016

Hua Han Health Industry Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong company, manufactures pharmaceutical products. The Company develops and sells gynecological anti inflammatory products, golden peptides, polar peptides, and other products. Hua Han Health Industry Holdings also provides hospital management services.  It listed on the Hong Kong Exchange in 2002.

In Q3 2016, Emerson Analytics and Zhongkui Research published reports pointing out that the company has inflated revenue, fabricated sales and overstated value of property acquired from related parties.

Trading was suspended on 27 Sep 2016.

In 2019 - February, the SFC annouced a probe into Peter Y Zhang, the Chairman , and  Deng Jie, the CEO of Hua Han Health (0587); freezing thier accounts.

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