China Solar Energy (155 HK)

China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd. manufactures solar panels. Currently no online source provides information into any fraudulent activity by China Solar Energy Holdings Ltd. However China have recently announced changes to national solar policies that will bring significant impacts for the global PV market and possibly the first contraction in global PV demand since before 2000.

China will also reduce its feed-in tariff for projects by RMB 0.05 per kilowatt-hour (a fraction of a U.S. cent), cap distributed project size at 10 gigawatts (down from 19 gigawatts), and mandate that utility-scale projects go through auctions to set power prices. Projects connected to the grid past June 1 will not receive feed-in tariffs.

In all, the changes will significantly chill growth in a country that’s driving the global solar market.

Emma Foehringer Merchant (GTM): China’s Bombshell Solar Policy Shift Could Cut Expected Capacity by 20 Gigawatts, 06 Jun 2018

China Solar Energy: Annual Report , 12 Aug 1998

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