Accounting Ratios

Average Receivable/Sales (%)
Cash Conversion Cycle (Days)
Other large curious assets and/or liabilities
Gross Margin
Capitalisation of Expenses
Derivatives/Equity (%)
Pension liabilities
Debt reconciliation
Excess Capital
Non-Production Assets
Profit Manipulation: Gross Working Capital
Fake Cash Fraud
Cash Extraction Fraud
Related party fraud
Window dressing
Speculative balance sheet
Acquisition accounting
Number of Red Flags Score: Change -3FY
Number of Red Flags Score: Change -1FY
Red Flag Score: Ratio in Latest Financial Period
Percentile scoring against a relevant peer group
Return on Production Assets (%)
Other Alerts
Montier's C-Score
Piotroski’s F-Score
Altman Z-Score
Beneish’s M-Score
Short Term Investments/Sales (%)
Prepaid Expenses/Inventory (%)
Number of Acquisitions Last 5yrs
Cash Interest Expenses/CFO (%)
Cash Return less Policy Rate (ppt)
Affiliate Investment/Equity (%)
Finished Goods/Inventory (%)
Delinquent Accounts Receivable/Total Receivables (%)
Unrestricted Cash / Cost of Sales (%)
Long Term Investments & Receivables/Sales (%)
Management Tenure
Executive Compensation/Sales and Pre-Tax Profit (bp)
Related Party Balances/Equity (%)
Other Cash Flow Financing Activities/Sales (%)
Auditing Expenses/Sales (bp)
Free Cash Flow Less Dividends/Sales (%)
Free Cash Flow Margin (%)
Debt Repayment/Short Term Debt at Beginning of Period (%)
Capex/Sales (%)
Cash From Operations (CFO)/Net Profit (x)
EBIT Interest Cover (x)
Capitalised Interest/Pre-Tax Profit (%)
Net Income Margin (%)
Minority Interest/Profit Before Minority Interest (%)
Extraordinary Items/Operating Income (%)
Cash Flow Tax/Income Statement Tax (%)
Effective Tax Rate (%)
Profit/Loss from Affiliates/Operating Income (%)
Effective Interest Rate (%)
Operating Margin (%)
Depreciation & Amortisation/Sales (%)
Non-Operating Income/Operating Income (%)
Other Operating Income/Operating Income (%)
Gross Debt/Profit (x)
Sales/Employee (US$)
Contingent Liability/Equity (%)
Restricted Cash/Equity (%)
Average Gross Fixed Assets/Depreciation and Amortisation (Years)
Assets/Equity (x)
Preferred Equity/Total Equity (%)
Minority Interests/Total Equity (%)
Other Long Term Liabilities/Sales (%)
Deferred Tax Liabilities/Sales (%)
Other Short Term Liabilities/Sales (%)
Short Term Debt/Total Debt (%)
Average Payables/Sales (%)
Asset Turnover: Assets/Sales (%)
Intangibles/Sales (%)
Other Long Term Assets/Sales (%)
Deferred Tax Assets (DTA)/Sales (%)
Average Net Fixed Asset (PPE)/Sales (%)
Other Short Term Assets/Sales (%)
Gross Working Capital/Sales (%)
Acquisitions and Disposals
Prepaid Expenses/Sales (%)
Average Inventory/Sales (%)
Average Cash/Sales (%)