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What we do

We are an accounting research firm focused on Asia and regulated by Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission. Our primary goal is to use financial statements to judge whether a company is over-or-understating its profits through the exploitation of accounting standards. We publish around twenty in-depth reports each year across three product lines:

  1. Thematic accounting makes up 75% of our output. We pick a particular accounting or corporate governance issue, explain it and then highlight companies with potential problems.
  2. We write two-to-four in-depth company-specific reports each year. Within these accounting exposés, we highlight companies with particularly egregious accounting.
  3. We write two micro-strategy reports each year. We have developed a methodology to analyse the financial statements of 36,000 listed companies across 30 markets globally. This enables us to assess where the corporate sector lies within the economic business cycle and helps tell us where we should look for our longs and our shorts.

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