Hall of Shame

China Printing & Dyeing (CPD SP)

China Printing & Dyeing was unable to make payments on its debt after its parent (Jianglong Holdings) went bankrupt. It had a Sole operating subsidiary (Zhejiang Jianglong Textile Printing  and Dying Co.) which stopped operating in October 2008. Former CEO and Deputy CEO (husband and wife team), went missing on October 2008. The company was suspended from October 2008 and the company was placed under judicial management on 25 November 2008 - CEO and Deputy CEO were arrested in China for destroying accounting documents. The company was delisted from SGX on 8 March 2010 with zero payout to minorities. Auditor: Foo Kon Tan Grant Thornton

NUS: Dealing with Perception: A Look at Overseas-Listed Chinese Firms in Singapore, 6 Feb 2014

China Printing & Dyeing: Annual Report 2017