Hall of Shame

Yongye International (YONG US)

Yongye International Inc. is a nutrient provider. The Company mainly researches, develops, produces and sells fulvic acid based liquids and powder nutrient compounds.

In May 2011, Absaroka Capital Management published a research report, which clearly stated that "Yongye International, Inc. is a fraud". The report raised 8 issues, including undisclosed related party transactions, false claims regarding products and excessive management compensation.

Trading was halted Mar 2013, with the company stating that it would have to delay the release of periodic reports. Investors speculate that was not the only reason of the halt, the true reason being evidence related to the lack of production activity in the company's facilities during peak season and an issue with the coal mine purchase mentioned in Absaroka's report.

The company went private after a consortium consisted of the management, Morgan Stanley Asia Private Equity and Full Alliance International bought out the company.

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