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NEW DOGS, SAME TRICKS: Frauds in 2019

05 Apr, 2020

CHINA GAS HOLDINGS (384 HK): Pipe dreams

01 Feb, 2020

FLAWED COMPASS: Free cash flow metrics misleading investors

21 Nov, 2019

CIMIC: Engineering Profits

03 Apr, 2019

THE OVERSEAS CHINESE: Top 30 US-listed Chinese Companies

02 Feb, 2019

SMOKE & MIRRORS: Embellishing performance using non-GAAP measures

26 Jan, 2019

A&G Master Screen

23 Aug, 2018


20 May, 2018

ACCOUNTING RISK: Assessing the top 100 companies in Asia ex-Japan

23 Mar, 2018

CELLTRION: Gaming the accounting

01 Feb, 2018

DEBT RECONCILIATION: Screening for trouble

26 Jan, 2018

ACQUISITION ACCOUNTING: Screening for trouble

24 Jan, 2018