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Dejin Resources (1163 HK)

Dejin Resources Group Company Limited engages in gold mining and timber business activities.

Dejin Resources announced it discovered forged certificates of the convertible notes bearing the name of the company. As informed by the inquirers, they purchased the convertible notes from Ocean Top for the purpose of applying for the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme. The company has never appointed or authorized any person, company or firm as its agent to sell or issue the convertible notes.

Dejin Resources Group has reported the matter to the Immigration Department and the Commercial Crime Bureau of Hong Kong, and it has confirmed to the Immigration Department the involved forged certificates in principal amount of $115 million.

On 18 October 2017, the Stock Exchange issued a letter to the company informing that the listing of the shares of the company will be cancelled with effect from 27 October 2017 under the Listing Rules.

AAStocks Financial News: DEJIN RES Listing Status To Be Cancelled from Fri, 25 Oct 2017

AAStocks Financial News: DEJIN RES (01163.HK) discovers $115M forged convertible notes, 12 Nov 2014