Hall of Shame


Pearl River Tyre (1187 HK)

The company's line of business includes the manufacturing of pneumatic casings, inner tubes, and solid and cushion tires for all types of vehicles. Currently very little information has been released about this case however details into the operating difficulties have been released.

The credit and debt of Guangzhou Pearl River Tyres Co., Ltd. have been taken over by the parent company as it is experiencing operating difficulties. CreditChina.gov.cn information shows that Pearl River Tyres has been involved in the blacklist of dishonest entities. A source disclosed that the company has suspended production. Pearl River Tyres have been sued by Guangzhou Haizhu Sub-branch of Bank of China, Jiangsu Baosteel Precision Wire Co., Ltd., and Guangzhou Hehong Rubber Material Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Pearl River Tyres was established in 1993 by Guangzhou Guangxiang Group and Garwin Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Pearl River Tyres was controlled by foreign capital and the foreign investment ratio was 70% then.

Guangzhou Wanli Group became a shareholder of Guangzhou Pearl River Tyres in 2000. Guangxiang Group quit the company in May 2017. Currently, Guangzhou Wanli Group Asset Management Co., Ltd. is the controlling shareholder of Guangzhou Pearl River Tyres with a 40% investment. Garwin has a 39% share and Yudeng Holdings has a 21% share.

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