Welcome to the beginnings of the GMT Research Library. We’re trying to collate as much information as possible on the hundreds of Asian frauds perpetuated in public markets over the past few decades. If you have any additional names or comments on the frauds, please drop us a line at

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Yearsorting01 Namesorting01 Tickersorting01 Sectorsorting01
2020 Inc WUBA US Communication Services
2011 A-Power Energy Generation Systems APWR US Industrials
2017 AAC Technologies Holdings Inc. 2018 HK Information Technology
2023 Adani Enterprises Ltd. ADE IN Industrials
2011 Advanced Battery Technologies ABAT US Industrials
2018 Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc. ANWWQ US Energy
2011 AgFeed Industries FEEDQ US Consumer Staples
2009 APDTQ US Information Technology
American Lorain ALN US Consumer Staples
2019 Anta Sports 2020 HK Consumer Discretionary
2013 Anwell Technologies ANW SP Information Technology
2015 Anxin-China Holdings Ltd 1149 HK Information Technology
2003 AOL Time Warner Inc. TWX US Communication Services
Aoxing Pharmaceutical AOXG US Health Care
2014 Asia Plastic Recycling Holding Ltd 1337 TT Materials
2000 Asia Pulp and Paper Company APUUY US Materials
2012 AsiaInfo-Linkage Inc ASIA US Information Technology
2016 Asian Citrus Holdings Limited 73 HK Consumer Staples
2019 Athenex Inc ATNX US Health Care
2019 Ausnutria Dairy 1717 HK Consumer Staples

Source: Shortsellers' websites, Bloomberg, Companies, GMT Research.