Welcome to the beginnings of the GMT Research Library. We’re trying to collate as much information as possible on the hundreds of Asian frauds perpetuated in public markets over the past few decades. If you have any additional names or comments on the frauds, please drop us a line at

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Yearsorting01 Namesorting01 Tickersorting01 Sectorsorting01
Ultrasonic US5 GR Consumer Discretionary
Mingyuan Medicare 233 HK Health Care
Tintbright TBR GR Consumer Discretionary
China Paper CPAP SP Materials
Youbisheng YB1 GR Materials
Fung Choi Media Group FUNG SP Industrials
Joyou JY8 GR Industrials
China Taifeng Beddings 873 HK Consumer Discretionary
PanAsialum Holdings 2078 HK Information Technology
Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings CJFH SP Real Estate
Ming le sports ML2 GR Consumer Discretionary
SCUD Group 1399 HK Industrials
DMX Technologies Group DMX SP Information Technology
Fujian Zhenyun Plastics Industry Co. Ltd FZPI SP Industrials
Real Gold Mining 246 HK Materials
JES International Holdings JES SP Industrials
Sinopipe Holdings SPIP SP Industrials
Sijia Group 1863 HK Materials
National United Resources 254 HK Industrials
Shenji Group Kunming Machine Tool 300 HK Industrials

Source: Shortsellers' websites, Bloomberg, Companies, GMT Research.