GMT Research and its team of experts are regularly cited in media outlets across the globe.

Bloomberg | 17 September 2018
Gillem Tulloch talks through the red flag system the company has developed to monitor accounting at firms.

Bloomberg | 11 September 2018
Gillem Tulloch interviewed by Bloomberg on the company’s process to spot companies with fraud-like traits.

Wall Street Journal | 4 June 2018
Nigel Stevenson expressed our view on the short seller’s attack on Samsonite (1910 HK). For more details, please refer to the in-brief report dated 28 May 2018.

Bloomberg | 14 February 2018
Gillem Tulloch comments on China Evergrande (3333 HK)’s “managing up” its share price last year.

Bloomberg | 7 February 2018
Nigel Stevenson expresses his personal belief on the highly leveraged Chinese conglomerates.

Financial Times | 28 January 2018
Nigel Stevenson describes how HNA could unravel its previous leveraged buyouts.

Bloomberg | 28 November 2017
Nigel Stevenson mentions how hard it could be for hugely indebted Chinese conglomerates to negotiate and sell off assets at good prices.

South China Morning Post | 3 November 2017
Nigel Stevenson spectacles HNA’s next move following an exit from NH hotel.

Takung Pao (大公网) | 28 September 2017
Gillem Tulloch points out how similar Sinopharm’s (1099 HK) accounting policies were to Enron’s.

Bloomberg | 26 September 2017
Nigel Stevenson questions about China Evergrande (3333 HK)’s willingness to deleverage the balance sheet.

Financial Times | 15 August 2017
Nigel Stevenson believes that the rationale behind the partnership between McDonald and Evergrande (3333 HK) be to get rid of the investment properties on the book.

Financial Times | 11 August 2017
Nigel Stevenson comments on the $1bn restructure at Dalian Wanda.

Next Media Plus (壹週Plus) | 2 August 2017
As part of the cover story, the leading local magazine went on a China property road trip (see the video on its website) and reported a similar finding to GMT Research previously did.

Wall Street Journal | 26 July 2017
Gillem Tulloch explains how GMT Research produces research reports through a combination of financial analysis and due diligence such as satellite imagerieies, and channel checks.

Financial Times (English version) | (中文版) | 18 July 2017
Nigel talks about Sunac (1918 HK)’s gearing level.

WSJ Barron’s | 3 June 2017
The article discusses about one of the GMT research reports, Auditors Asleep.

Financial Times (English version) | (中文版) | 26 April 2017
Nigel suspects a potential share price manipulation for China Evergrande (3333 HK).

Malaysian Reserve | 3 April 2017
Mark Webb exchanges views on the nature of aircraft leasing business.

New York Times (English version) | (中文版) | 24 March 2017
Nigel comments about the megaprojects such as Country Garden (2007 HK)’s Forest City.

CNBC | 22 August 2016
Nigel Steveson talks to CNBC about Evergrande’s opportunistic play on Vanke (2202 HK).

Financial Times | 18 January 2016
Gillem Tulloch questions how appropriate Noble Group’s accounting policies were.

South China Morning Post | 24 November, 2015
GMT Research, Iceberg Research and Muddy Waters had questions about Noble’s financials well before Noble’s rating downgrade.

Bloomberg | 9 October 2015
Robert Medd, partner at GMT Research, discusses Japan Inc. not being serious about auditing leading investors to question corporate governance and the trustworthiness of company’s books. He speaks to Bloomberg’s Rishaad Salamat on “Trending Business.”

Bloomberg | 18 August 2015
Gillem Tulloch: Why investors are losing confidence in Noble Group

CNBC | 23 June 2015
Robert Medd, partner at GMT Research, says AirAsia is using transactions with its associates in the Philippines and Indonesia to boost the parent’s operating cash flow.

CNBC | 23 December 2014
How to stop Japan Inc from hoarding cash: To dissuade companies from building up their already ample cash reserves, Japan needs to empower corporate shareholders, says Robert Medd, Partner at GMT Research.

60 Minutes | 3 March 2013
China’s real estate bubble: Gillem Tulloch discusses how China’s economy has become the second largest in the world, and how its rapid growth may have created the largest housing bubble in history

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