Welcome to the beginnings of the GMT Research Library. We’re trying to collate as much information as possible on the hundreds of Asian frauds perpetuated in public markets over the past few decades. If you have any additional names or comments on the frauds, please drop us a line at

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Yearsorting01 Namesorting01 Tickersorting01 Sectorsorting01
2014 Kaisa Group Holdings Ltd 1638 HK Real Estate
2021 Adler Group S.A. ADJ GR Real Estate
China HGS Real Estate HGSH US Real Estate
China Housing & Land Development CHLN US Real Estate
2012 China Evergrande Group 3333 HK Real Estate
2021 KE Holdings Inc BEKE US Real Estate
2016 Australia China Holdings AAK AU Real Estate
2019 Rural Funds Group RFF AU Real Estate
2016 Mingfa Group International Co Ltd 846 HK Real Estate
2017 Imperial Sierra Group Holdings Not listed HK Real Estate
2023 Rapid Synergy Bhd RSB MK Real Estate
Changjiang Fertilizer Holdings CJFH SP Real Estate
2020 China Aoyuan Group Ltd 3883 HK Real Estate
2010 China Natural Gas Inc CHNGQ US Utilities
2008 Bio-Treat Technology CEWL SP Utilities
2019 Sky Solar SKYS US Utilities
2015 Sound Global Ltd 967 HK Utilities
2011 Focus Media Holding Ltd FMCN US Communication Services
2020 Inc WUBA US Communication Services
2011 China MediaExpress Holdings, Inc CCME US Communication Services

Source: Shortsellers' websites, Bloomberg, Companies, GMT Research.