Hall of Shame

Welcome to the beginnings of the GMT Research Hall of Shame. We’re trying to collate as much information as possible on the hundreds of Asian frauds perpetuated in public markets over the past few decades. If you have any additional names or comments on the frauds, please drop us a line at [email protected].

Namesorting01 Tickersorting01 Industry Namesorting01 Yearsorting01
Global Dairy Holdings 1007 HK Food Products 2012
EganaGoldPfeil Holdings 1051682D HK Apparel Retailers 2007
China Agrotech 1073 HK Specialty Chemicals
Mayer Holdings 1116 HK Iron & Steel
Anxin-China 1149 HK Pharmaceuticals
Dejin Resources 1163 HK Durable Household Products
Pacific Andes 1174 HK Farming, Fishing & Plantations
Fuji Food and Catering 1175 HK Restaurants & Bars 2009
Pearl River Tyre 1187 HK Tires
Asia Pulp and Paper Company 1193Z SP Paper
Superb Summit 1228 HK Durable Household Products
National Agricultural 1236 HK Software
Greens Holdings 1318 HK Building Materials & Fixtures
Fujian Nuoqi 1353 HK Clothing & Accessories 2014
China Hongqiao 1378 HK Aluminum

Source: Shortsellers' websites, Bloomberg, Companies, GMT Research.